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Scrum eventually is also a tool to grow the team

Agile is a fit for our company business. We use Scrum practices as our Agile framework. Eventually, Scrum is just a framework that helps us work together to develop, deliver, and maintain our products. Moreover, it is also a tool to grow the teams. By practicing Scrum long enough, we will gain the great following values: - Commitment - Focus - Openness - Respect - Courage --- [1]. [2].
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Mindset at work

As a mentor, I always give to my new members the following practices as my advice for mindset at work. “A over B” means while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Solution   over Technology We should approach to solve the problems rather than depending on technologies. The technology limitation should not our excuse to reduce the quality of the feature. For example, we’re strong at React, but we are willing to learn a new framework Meteor due to customer needs. We are software engineers, we are good at problem-solving. Technologies are our toolbox. Contribution   over Complaint When we encounter and find pain-in-the-ass issues such as lacking documentation, old frameworks/libs, lacking testing, etc.. we try our best to resolve them! Refer to The Boy Scout Rule: “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.” Collaboration   over Following Sometimes you even need to consult customers to bring great customer value rather than always foll

NGINX Web Server and Reverse Proxy

NGINX is a web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy. Almost all teams in our company today use NGINX to have a public domain with HTTPS or to serve a Single Page Application with Angular or React. I have presented this topic to my beloved colleagues. Below you can find my slides and screen recording video. Slides Screen recording video

14 books I have read in 2020

  1. Cha Voi: Dạy con nên người ở thời đại số Author: Trương Nguyện Thành Language: Vietnamese I love the methodology of parenting so-called Cha Voi (elephant father). It is neither very strict nor easy. The parents take themself as an example to lead their children. 2. Release it! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software Author: Michael T. Nygard Language: English It was fun to read stories about how the author investigate and solve the issues of software running on production. I learned lots of terms and strategies to ensure stable software such as health check, circuit breaker, logging, monitoring, etc, ... 3. Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions Author: Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths Language: English When talking about algorithms, people usually think it is something complicated and also for computer science only. However, algorithms are actually steps to solve a problem. Life consists of lots of problems. We can use the power of algorithms to sol

Just another career path

As a software engineer, I recently have heard of a lot of feedback from my colleagues and friends that they don’t see their career path or they don’t know how to move to the new levels in their company. No exception, I used to have that thinking before.  In my opinion, there is a very important reason why people are struggling to find the answer because “career path is not always the job titles”. Normally, each company has its own job titles such as junior-level developer, middle-level developer, senior-level developer, teach lead, software architect, CTO, etc. Hence, it is not true that a job title is reasonable for every company. The interview is often conducted hardly to find a candidate matching the company title. If we have a good enough job title standard, the interview would take place very easily, right? Therefore, I prefer to define my own career path through what skills are gained under a job title. But wait, why do I need a career path? To me, a career is an indispensable pa

Monday vhandit #2

  Introduction to OpenLDAP directory service "A directory is a specialized database specially designed for searching and browsing, in addition to supporting basic lookup and update functions" A directory service can be local, providing a restricted context; or global, providing service to a much broader context. Curlie is a good example of a directory service. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a protocol for accessing directory services , specifically X.500-based directory services. OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of LDAP. Writing system software: code comments I have read Clean Code (by Uncle Bob) and I thought that I should void comments since the code it explains its implementation itself. That is right but not always true. In this post, the author categorized the comments into 9 types. Only "trivial comments" and "backup comments" are the ones that should be avoided. I myself agree with "writing good comments is harder tha

Monday vhandit #1

This is the first post in a series of articles called "Monday vhandit". You can go to the original post by clicking on each head title. Character encodings: essential concepts This article points out why Unicode matters and differentiates among concepts: character sets, coded character set (unit is code points), and character encoding. Explained from First Principles: the Internet The very structural and well-explained article contains almost concepts of the Internet. I really appreciated the author's effort put on that post. Dev Community - DevDojo I just joined this community. DevDojo is really a developer-oriented platform. It is very nice, easy, fast, and sufficient to write (Markdown supported) and search for a post. The best of it, you also have a personal blog for your posts at "<your_username>". My username is vnnvanhuong Everything you need to know about HTTP security headers A good collection of HTTP security-related headers. Moreover