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Multiple Inheritance of State and Implementation

Today, I was just curious about why an enum can not extend anything else. I took a look on the Oracle document here, and I found the answer is below:

"All enums implicitly extend java.lang.Enum. Because a class can only extend one parent (see Declaring Classes), the Java language does not support multiple inheritance of state (see Multiple Inheritance of State, Implementation, and Type), and therefore an enum cannot extend anything else." I have been learned of it before. But, wait a sec...! Why Java does not support multiple inheritance of state? Since I have worked with other programming languages like C++, I was able to make a class extend some other classes.

The short answer is to avoid the issues of multiple inheritance of stateI wonder if other programming languages have these below terms but Java does. Multiple inheritance of state It is the ability to inherit fields from multiple classes. There is a problem and Java avoids it.
"For example, suppose that you are…