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Coding Exercise, Episode 1

I have received the following exercise from an interviewer, he didn't give the name of the problem. Honestly, I have no idea how to solve this problem even I have tried to read it three times before. Since I used to be a person who always tells myself "I am not the one good at algorithms", but giving up something too soon which I feel that I didn't spend enough effort to overcome is not my way. Then, I have sticked on it for 24 hours.

According to the given image on the problem, I tried to get more clues by searching. Thanks to Google, I found a similar problem on Hackerrank (attached link below). My target here was trying my best to just understand the problem and was trying to solve it accordingly by the Editorial on Hackerrank. Due to this circumstance, it turns me to love solving algorithms from now on (laugh). Check it out!
Problem You are given a very organized square of size N (1-based index) and a list of S commands
The ith command will follow the format (a[…

No difficulties, no discovery

Bill Gate had said that “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” In my opinion, that remark is so true in some cases. My team has tried to apply integration tests for our projects. Firstly, we had meeting to figure out what problems we met. Then, we decided to create a new project that is similiar to the current one and we called it a prototype project. Yeah, I and some members were reponsile for it. I spent a lot of time and took a lot of efforts for coppying the current project because its domain logic was really complicated. What a boring task! I smelt a rat and felt too lazy. At that time, I thought that I need a change. I discussed with others: "Why don't we just create a branch of curent project and work on it?". We didn't need spending time for coppying anymore. Just forked it and modified on it. Therefore, it was really a good solution.

Leave your comments about that. ;)

How did you fix the hardest bug that you have ever seen?

"Holy shit"

Have you ever fixed a feature that has a lot of issues? I had met this situation. I would like to tell you my process to deal with it.

My problem: Fixing the wrong validation after hitting the F5 on a page.

Step 1. List out all of issues that I met on this feature.

Yeah, after hitting F5, I got:
- The validation dialog could not be closed.
- The data of the page could not be reverted the previous data.
- I wonder why it automatically called the new select event on the combobox on the page?

Step 2. Fix the problem: issue by issue, simple to complicated.

- Try to close the dialog -> solved
- Try to revert the previous data -> solved
- Try to fix the last issue -> I was so confused about this case. I spent haft day find the root caused but I could not solve it. I decided go to step 3.

Step 3. Tell to other members about my problems. Discussing for the win!

There are six people in the discussing. We had a lot of guessing, a lot of investigating, a lot of ideas,…