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BIRT - Fix the size of an image

I use a dynamic image as a logo my report in pdf. At the beginning, I use table to align the logo in left or right. I meet a problem with some images with a large width or height. My customer requires that the logo should be displayed in original size.

These following steps solves my problem:
1. Use Grid instead of Table
2. Set Grid "Height" is 100%  and "Width" is blank
3. Set "Fit to container" for images are "true".

Download the the template here.

Solving your data visualization needs with open source reporting

Most of applications have some types of data visualization needs: - Gather the data. - Perform calculation, sort, group, aggregate, total,.. - Present information professionally.
and meeting user demand is crucial to the success of an application.
To solve this problem, there are some different approaches: - Buy a closed-source commercial product (for example, Crystal Reports, JReport,..), we must to pay for a lot of features but maybe more of features we don't need. - Build a custom-developed solution, so we need a team to develop our solution but the problem is how much time and money that we need to spend for that.
Nowaday, open source creates new choices. Firstly, we can leverage open source in a customer solution by plug-in it to our solution. Secondly, we can build open-source-based products by using open source code.
There are many open source reporting tools for use in the enterprise such as BIRT, iReport, JasperReports,...
In this post, I would like to introduce BIRT tha…