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Installing NGINX on macOS

I have heard of a lot of NGINX recently. One of them was it can help for security issues; for sure, it much be more. It so happens that our team has got a ton of user stories from a security audit. It's time to delve into it.
What is NGINX? In order to get a basic idea and have some fun, I've just picked some available posts from my favorite Vietnamese blogger communities as below: NGINX (pronounce: Engine-X) is a web server (comparing to IIS, Apache). It can be used as a reverse proxy (this is what I need for security issues with configuration), load balancer and more.
How to get started? I found the below path for learning NGINX by googling "learn nginx": In this post, I only went first step. This is installing NGINX on macOS and taking a first look at the configuration.
Installing …

Today I Learned - Git at First Glance

Getting Started It's always fun to jump right in to the "HelloWorld" app. Just go for it!

Cheatsheet It's time for us to store our "magic tools".

Which collaboration way fit your team? Git is just a tool which doesn't teach you how to work properly in a team. It depends on your projects and you need to choose your own team workflow.