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Make Our Code More Testable with Proxy Design Pattern

If you heard about the term separation of concerns, you could agree this concept is very important for making a system "clean". One of the most important characteristics of a clean system is testable.

Let me tell you my story about how I've just come acrosss the design pattern Proxy.

Note: to get started, you can find a very simple example of the pattern Proxy here
Let's start! I have an interface as below:
public interface DocumentGenerator { File generate(Document document) throws BusinessException; }
The following is my first implementation for a concrete class of DocumentGenerator.
public class DocumentGeneratorImpl implements DocumentGenerator { private Dossier dossier; private Locale locale; public DocumentGeneratorImpl(Dossier dossier, Locale locale) { validateNotNullParams(dossier, locale); this.dossier = dossier; this.locale = locale; } private void validateNotNullParams(LibertyDossier dossier, Locale locale) { if(Objects.isNull(dossier…