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Selenium - tests don't interact with IE

Have you ever faced to a problem that your tests work well on Chrome or Firefox, but don't do anything on Internet Explorer after launching the browser? I have met this issue.

Even when my tests have no problems with IE8 but they do not interact with the browser which is upgraded one - IE11, no clicking, no entering anymore. And I got an exception.

These below maybe are one of the solutions:

1. Make sure the zoom is 100% (press Ctrl + 0)

2. Uncheck Enable Protected Mode, and set lowest security level too.

3. Add your address to trust sites.

Selenium - Use Explicit Waits for checking elements quickly disappear like loading icon

I have a table that is displayed a list of competence groups. When I click on a competence group, it will display a table that contains a lot of criteria belong to the competence group. Each times I click on a competence group, a "loading" icon is displayed while waiting for all criteria is fully displayed.

<div id="loading" style="display: none;"> <div></div> <div></div>
I tried to write a Selenium test to make sure this behavior is covered. I saw that the loading icon element is always available on DOM tree because I just used Jquery to handle its displaying. Beside that, the loading icon is appeared dynamically and quickly disappear afterwards. It is hard to checking the visibility on GUI of loading icon. By normal way that I frequently used, the code looks like:

public boolean isLoadingIconDisplayed() { List<WebElement> loadingIcons = driver.findElements("loading")); if(!loadingIcons.isEmpty())…

Selenium - Override javascript functions to ignore downloading process

I have got an issue with downloading process on IE 8. This browser blocks my automatic-download functionality on my app so that I could not work with my test case any more after that. In my case, I didn't care about the file is downloaded or not, I just focus on the result after downloading process finished successfully. Therefore, I found a solution to ignore this process so that I can work normally.

I use Primefaces, here is the remote command to trigger the download process

<p:remoteCommand name="cmdGenerateDocument" actionListener="#{logic.onGenerateDocument}" update="xrflDocumentCreationPanel" oncomplete="clickDownloadButton();"/>

The following is my test case:
@Test public void shouldUpdateStep6ToWarningIfStep1IsValidAfterFinished(){ MainPage mainPage = new MainPage(); waitForLoading(mainPage.getDriver()); EmployeeDetailPage empDetailPage = new EmployeeDetailPage(); waitForLoading(empDetailPage.getDriver()); empDetai…