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Merging source in SVN

My team has used Primefaces for our projects. We sometimes have several branches of the projects with a new Primefaces's release. For example, we currently have a project with two branches, a branch for using Primeface 4.0, a trunk for using Primeface 5.0, and we are working these parallel branches. Our project looks like the following:

- myProject - branches + primefaces4 + tag + trunk (primefaces5) My problem is how to copy the same source from the trunk to the branch "primefaces4". That is where SVN Merging can help!

Here is the steps those I have conducted in my project.

Step 1: open the project with the branch "primefaces4"

Step 2: Team > Merge... Chose the trunk's URL.
For example:

Step 3: Select the revision from "trunk" to merge.
For example:
+--revision--+--date--------+--author----+--comment---+ +  10        + 03.10.2014 + vanhuong   + f1: part 3 + +  9         + 03.10.2014 + ACB        + f2:…