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Selenium - Override javascript functions to ignore downloading process

I have got an issue with downloading process on IE 8. This browser blocks my automatic-download functionality on my app so that I could not work with my test case any more after that. In my case, I didn't care about the file is downloaded or not, I just focus on the result after downloading process finished successfully. Therefore, I found a solution to ignore this process so that I can work normally.

I use Primefaces, here is the remote command to trigger the download process

<p:remoteCommand name="cmdGenerateDocument" actionListener="#{logic.onGenerateDocument}" update="xrflDocumentCreationPanel" oncomplete="clickDownloadButton();"/>

The following is my test case:
@Test public void shouldUpdateStep6ToWarningIfStep1IsValidAfterFinished(){ MainPage mainPage = new MainPage(); waitForLoading(mainPage.getDriver()); EmployeeDetailPage empDetailPage = new EmployeeDetailPage(); waitForLoading(empDetailPage.getDriver()); empDetai…

JQuery - Fixed Element during Scroll

I want to keep the position of an element likes a component on right side when I scroll down because of a very long content. Please take look at the code by visit the following link:

Javascript function:
$("#container").bind('scroll', function() { var fromTop = 50; var scrollVal = $("#container").scrollTop(); var top = 0; if ( scrollVal > fromTop) { top = scrollVal - fromTop; $('#rightElement').css({'position':'absolute','right':'1em','top' :top+'px'}); } else { $('#rightElement').css({'position':'static','top':'0px'}); } });

BIRT - Fix the size of an image

I use a dynamic image as a logo my report in pdf. At the beginning, I use table to align the logo in left or right. I meet a problem with some images with a large width or height. My customer requires that the logo should be displayed in original size.

These following steps solves my problem:
1. Use Grid instead of Table
2. Set Grid "Height" is 100%  and "Width" is blank
3. Set "Fit to container" for images are "true".

Download the the template here.

SQL Server - Multi language data support


I used CKEditor to edit my pages. Then, I stored the content of the pages to SQL Server 2008 database. The page contents should support in different languages such as English, German and Vietnamese. I met a problem when I worked on Vietnamese pages.
The text was successfully saved but it was displayed wrong when reading again from database, likes the following:
Input: "Ðây là Tiếng Việt"
Display: "Ðây là Ti?ng Vi?t".


We need to use nvarchar (nchar | ntext) data type for strings  and we also need to precede all unicode strings with 'N'

Here is my code:
--create table CREATE TABLE [dbo].[xedu_page_content]( [id] [numeric](11, 0) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [category] [varchar](100) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, [content] [Ntext] NULL ) --save BEGIN TRAN IF not exists (SELECT category FROM xedu_page_content WHERE category='"+in.categoryKey+"') INSERT INTO xedu_page_content(category,content) VALUES ('"+i…

Merging source in SVN

My team has used Primefaces for our projects. We sometimes have several branches of the projects with a new Primefaces's release. For example, we currently have a project with two branches, a branch for using Primeface 4.0, a trunk for using Primeface 5.0, and we are working these parallel branches. Our project looks like the following:

- myProject - branches + primefaces4 + tag + trunk (primefaces5) My problem is how to copy the same source from the trunk to the branch "primefaces4". That is where SVN Merging can help!

Here is the steps those I have conducted in my project.

Step 1: open the project with the branch "primefaces4"

Step 2: Team > Merge... Chose the trunk's URL.
For example:

Step 3: Select the revision from "trunk" to merge.
For example:
+--revision--+--date--------+--author----+--comment---+ +  10        + 03.10.2014 + vanhuong   + f1: part 3 + +  9         + 03.10.2014 + ACB        + f2:…

Solving your data visualization needs with open source reporting

Most of applications have some types of data visualization needs: - Gather the data. - Perform calculation, sort, group, aggregate, total,.. - Present information professionally.
and meeting user demand is crucial to the success of an application.
To solve this problem, there are some different approaches: - Buy a closed-source commercial product (for example, Crystal Reports, JReport,..), we must to pay for a lot of features but maybe more of features we don't need. - Build a custom-developed solution, so we need a team to develop our solution but the problem is how much time and money that we need to spend for that.
Nowaday, open source creates new choices. Firstly, we can leverage open source in a customer solution by plug-in it to our solution. Secondly, we can build open-source-based products by using open source code.
There are many open source reporting tools for use in the enterprise such as BIRT, iReport, JasperReports,...
In this post, I would like to introduce BIRT tha…

Make simple music program with beep(freq, duration) with Pascal

Pascal is my first programing language when I have studied in high school. It was really exciting for me. :)

The Pascal programming language was created by Niklaus Wirth in 1970. It was named after Blaise Pascal, a famous French Mathematician. It was made as a language to teach programming and to be reliable and efficient. Pascal has since become more than just an academic language and is now used commercially.

I tried to make a simple music program by using Lazarus IDE on MS Window 7, 64-bit. It frustrated me a few times how difficulty to use Sound command to make a sound. Sound did not work on my compiler and my platform anymore. So far, I just could use beep(freq, duration) from window unit to implement my work.

Here is my code. ;)
program mysong; uses Windows, crt; const C: Integer = 512; { x = A * EXP(LN(2)/12)} C_: Integer = 542; D: Integer = 574; D_: Integer = 608; E: Integer = 644; F: Integer = 682; F_: Integer = 723; G: Integer = 766; G_: Integer = 8…

Only allow input number value with autoNumeric.js

autoNumeric is a jQuery plugin that automatically formats currency and numbers as you type on form inputs. I used autoNumeric 1.9.21 for demo code.

1. Dowload autoNumeric.js file from
2. Import to project
<script src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/autoNumeric.js"></script> 3. Define a function to use it
<script type="text/javascript"> /* only number is accepted */ function txtNumberOnly_Mask() { var inputOrgNumber = $("#numberTxt"); inputOrgNumber.each(function() { $(this).autoNumeric({ aSep : '', aDec: '.', vMin : '0.00' }); }); } </script>
4. Call the function by event
<form> <input type="text" value="" id="numberTxt"/>(only number) </form> <script type="te…

Managing JAR files with Apache Maven

Apache Maven (Maven) is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information. Why Maven? Let’s learn about the Maven’s history here to understand why Maven is created.
There are a lot of useful things that we should use Maven. In my opinion, the most important thing is that Maven solves the problems with managing jar files. It centralizes these files in one place and it is easy to use by declaring dependencies in a xml file (pom.xml).  Using Maven to manage JAR files Firstly, I would like to give you an example about using some JAR files without Maven.  In my project, I need some JAR files such as SNMP4J.jar, jta26.jar, jgraphx.jar, etc… so I had to search them on the Internet with visiting a lot of websites, download and add these files into my project.
My example proje…